As a Christian who happens to be a professor, I use this section of the website to share books and podcasts that have shaped my faith in God and to stimulate a conversation about faith and social science.

Faith and academia are never separate realms. As a social scientist, I trust that empirical data give us insights about regularities in life, but, faith provides the ultimate metanarrative about the meanings of life, work, and relationships. I study internet society and how citizens come together to fight social ills. Faith can explain such resilience and grace of human race because we are created in God’s image. As I also research the dark side of the internet society, including things such as hate, distrust, polarization, segregation, disinformation, and propaganda, I have perhaps more data to show the ultimate fall of human race: the sins of our self-centeredness and pride, the futility of social engineering and technological revolutions. I believe neither democratic platform nor sound social policy can save us from an age of hate and ignorance, albeit they can be helpful at times. The true reconciliation comes through amending our relationship with our Creator. Below I list resources that have shaped my thinking over the past three years.

Christian thinkers Timothy Keller and C. S. Lewis.

My own faith reflection



On social justice


Christianity for the skeptics

Faith and work

Faith and science


and if you live in the Valley, check out

Grace for the Way